Still Ill

Technically, this pin is a reference to The Smiths, and not to my own Crohn’s disease, but I’m the kind of person who would wear it anyway.

Of course, when you do wear a pin like this some of your conversations will be explaining that no, in fact I’m not a huge Morrissey fan but let me tell you everything about my intestines, aren’t they just the craziest?


When I was a little kid, I hated anyone knowing about my disease. I would get mad at my mom for telling anyone about it, even when she had a perfectly legit reason to do so.

I wanted to hide that part of myself.

I didn’t want to be sick.

And I definitely wouldn’t wear a badge suggesting–nay, begging–the world to ask me questions about it.

Nowadays, my health goals (which I try really hard not to talk about with random strangers but sometimes I just can’t help myself) mostly involve getting to a “set it and forget it” point where I can go days or even weeks without having to think about my guts.

That would be awesome.

I could pretend that I’m a REAL BOY for a while, without dysfunctional insides.

But alas, the fact remains that I’m ill.

Always will be, in some form or another.

And I’m mostly okay with it.

I’m still ill.

And I’m not afraid if anybody knows it.


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