A RIDICULOUSLY clean mouth from Uncle Harry’s Toothpaste

I used to be constantly worried about my mouth. Probably 5% of my daily focus was spent worrying.

My gums were puffy. Sometimes they hurt. They would bleed when I tried to floss.

It was like my mouth was always angry. Red, patchy, puffy, spittin’ MAD.

No amount of brushing (with Crest), flossing, or mouthwash seemed to help.

For a couple months, my gums sprouted these weird, tiny sores that my dentist couldn’t explain.

That made me even MORE worried.

What if my teeth fell out?

What if I needed dentures while I was still in my 20s?

When I moved cities, I was scared to find a new dentist who might tell me I was going to die of gum disease.

I had a nightmare about my teeth falling out.

And of course, that stress only fed into a horrible feedback loop with the rest of my body.

Eventually, I found a good dentist. He calmed my worries and told me to start using a Sonicare toothbrush. That helped a little.

Using adhesive nasal strips at night helped a little more.

Cutting out dairy was huge. Then I could finally breathe through my nose.

But none of the steps I had taken cleaned up my mouth.


What gets your mouth ridiculously clean?

Then I tried Uncle Harry’s Toothpaste.

It’s like a punch in the mouth.

It’s so intense, that at first I couldn’t brush for the full 2 minutes with my Sonicare.

Over time, I got used to it, and I associate that feeling with the utter destruction of bacteria.

Uncle Harry's Toothpaste Reviews

When I brush with Uncle Harry’s Toothpaste (which is pretty much every night), I love the way my mouth feels–so clean and shiny.

Because it’s a clay-based toothpaste, it comes in a little jar that you dip into with your toothbrush to scoop up some of the paste. Don’t worry about getting bacteria into the jar–the WEAPONS GRADE essential oils will keep everything sanitary.

And if you don’t want a punch in the mouth, but do want to feel just as clean, they make an Anise flavor which is less intense. The only downside to that one is you have to like black licorice.

After about a month and a half of using Uncle Harry’s Toothpaste, I had a dentist appointment. It was the first exam in years that my gums didn’t bleed.

That was a major, major win.

I danced in the dentist’s chair.

The Verdict

No more red, angry gums. No more nightmares about losing my teeth. Just a healthy mouth and feeling clean every single night.

I would recommend that to anybody.

In fact, I’ve even foisted it on some of my family members–that’s how you know it’s good.

I hope you check it out.


Full disclosure: not all of the non-angriness of my gums can be attributed to the toothpaste, although I do think it contributed a lot. Bringing down the overall inflammation in my body was also a major factor.


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