Recipe File: Whole 30 Roundup

Back when I first started cracking down on my diet in earnest, I would go through my monthly Bon Appetit subscription and earmark pages that had recipes I could actually eat (or that were easily adaptable). They weren’t the majority, by any means, but it was always surprising at how many I could pull out of a mainstream cooking magazine.

Fast forward to the current year, and the BA staff is now providing that service online! They recently posted a roundup of Whole 30 Recipes That Don’t Taste Like You’re Depriving Yourself.

Leaving aside the massive dig at dietary self-control, the recipe list is pretty on-point for paleo-style cooking inspiration. But like many recipes from people who do not fully understand the theory and practice of the paleo approach, there are a few missteps with ingredients (white potatoes? corn??). Never rely on someone else’s dietary interpretations; always evaluate critically for yourself.

Similarly, if you’re low-fiber or low-FODMAP like myself, most of these recipes won’t work either. BUT — at least it’s a start! There are a few that I can adapt. (Is this adapt-ception? I’m now adapting the paleo-adapted recipes!)

A few that caught my eye:

For now, I’m off green beans…and tomatoes…and almonds…but I’ll dream about that recipe anyway.

Happy Cooking!

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