Yup…Today Sucked

I’m planning to try out a sauna this week, and had been discussing that fact with a coworker. As we walked out of work this evening, I said:

“You know, maybe I will go to the sauna on Friday instead of Wednesday so that if I crash and burn afterward, it’ll be on the weekend.”

My coworker replied, “Why would you do that? You should just go!”

But you know what? I know how hydrotherapy has hit me before, and I can’t imagine a sauna being much different. I’ve been seeing signs of SIBO regrowth, which means that if I do a couple rounds of steam heat-slash-cold, my immune system will get to work. And that means a herxheimer reaction, or dehydration, or just plain exhaustion. Who knows, maybe a sauna will produce some new reaction altogether!

The point is, I don’t want to have to deal with the secondary effects of a new treatment option while trying to juggle a very full workload.

The older I get, the more psychic I feel.

Yesterday I wrote about how sometimes knuckling down is the exact opposite of what you should do, but sometimes you have to do it anyway. And I predicted that today would suck.

Well, it did.

I was completely overwhelmed, overloaded, and I’m dealing with it (just like I said).

But today is almost over. Tomorrow is a new day.

Maybe I’ll go to the sauna.

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