Anne-at-What-a-Gut-dot-comHi, I’m Anne!

I have Crohn’s disease. Normally I don’t lead with that fact, but here at What the Gut, it’s what I talk about most: how to be a high-functioning person with a chronic disease.

Sometimes it feels like playing chess against myself.

In the 20+ years since my diagnosis, I’ve tried a lot of treatment options, from the conventional path of steroids, biologics, and immunosuppresants, to the off-the-beaten-path-but-increasingly-more-route of diet/lifestyle and the naturopathic approach. I’ve learned a lot about the balance between high-powered conventional medicine and low-key alternative medicine, the mindset you need to use both at once, and the mental fortitude it takes to win this game against myself. It’s like another job.

That’s just it, my first full-time job is playing chess against myself and WINNING.

My second job is telling you about everything I’ve learned.

(I have a regular job too, don’t worry.)

I believe that the path to health is through slow, steady, long-term solutions, but recognizing that sometimes major interventions are needed.

I believe that there’s a fine balance between treating my body like a delicate flower, and choosing to do what I want.

I believe in being realistic about my limitations, but not letting them define me.


Want to know more?

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