Delicious Red Velvet Ice Cream Cake

If we’re talking SONIC deliciousness, which we absolutely are.

This month I have been loving the Korean R&B/Pop girlgroup Red Velvet, especially their song Ice Cream Cake. (And video! You can’t forget the videos!)

With it, the (inevitable) K-Pop obsession has descended on me. Hard. I haven’t stopped listening for three weeks now.

Typically I listen to music via YouTube at work, because it lets me roam over all types of music and never runs out of batteries like my iPod, and I think even YouTube is tired of me hitting K-pop on repeat. It keeps suggesting, “maybe won’t you try something else, anything else, for once?”


K-pop or nothing, baby.

I find this funny for 2 reasons:

  1. I don’t like pop music all that much. Generally I prefer complex music, and American pop music tends to be a sharply-sweet popsicle without much nuance. Hence, I avoid it.
  2. This month has not been my greatest health month ever, and because of that, I’ve had a pretty dark emotional outlook. Usually my music preference matches my default mood…but K-pop has prevailed over all.

On the other hand, that means that maybe I’m not in as dark of a mood as I thought, and that relatively speaking, this month’s “dark” is 5 years ago’s “too happy to function.”

If that’s true, I’m still on an upward overall trajectory, even though this month I’ve been dealing with horrific eczema. Such bad eczema it looks like I’m wearing red gloves.

It’s always hard to slide backwards, health-wise, but it’s good to keep in perspective that sometimes the overall trend is up even when the immediate outlook is bleak. Two steps forward, one step back; it’s always darkest before the dawn; all that.

Or maybe it’s just the magic of K-pop.


If you liked the Ice Cream Cake music video, you’ll understand why I’m obsessed with light-up fuzzy jackets and the perfect strawberry-blonde hair color.

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