More reasons to avoid food additives

Looks like titanium dioxide (yes, that stuff in sunscreen–they also put it into food) should be added to the list of stuff to keep out of our food. Science Daily reports on a new study that shows that:

  • Titanium dioxide crosses the intestinal barrier and passes into the bloodstream
  • Titanium dioxide alters intestinal and systemic immune response
  • Chronic oral exposure to titanium dioxide plays a role in initiating and promoting early stages of colorectal carcinogenesis (read: eating a lot of titanium dioxide can lead to a higher risk of colon cancer)

Now. Anyone who is on the Paleo/Specific Carbohydrate Diet/low-FODMAP/etc. bandwagon already realizes that food additives are at best problematic. But it is nice to get some confirmation, especially on some of the more out-there parts of the theory.

Bear in mind that this is a study on rats, not humans, but frankly that’s good enough for me.

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